Making Books feel like Movies


My name is Kevin D. Rolle, from the sunny islands of The Bahamas. I have extensive experience as an author, (with several books published to the Amazon Kindle platform). Namely ‘Midwife, Inc.’ (Books 1 and 2), ‘The Fanatical Golfer’, and several others. (Do a search for the books,or author KevinDRolle on Amazon Kindle). So I am quite familiar with the promotional needs of authors, one of the most important of which is to have a quality book trailer that can really bring your book to life. You can check mine out here… As KS may have told you, I’ve created one for his book as well, and he seems quite pleased with the results. I can do the same for you. You can contact me at (Place ‘KS Sent Me’ in the subject line, and you’ll receive roughly 60% off my regular price. This deal is good ONLY for KS’s clients.) All the best, Kevin.


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