Conception: Book one of the Dominion Chronicles


In exciting book one of the trilogy, we are introduced to Tyler Hudgens and the gang and shown how they are given their powers.  Exciting from the first page,  Conception takes you on a wild ride!

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2 thoughts on “Conception: Book one of the Dominion Chronicles”

  1. I would suggest that all open-minded adults check this book out. It is so DIFFERENT from anything else I have ever read. I normally read love stories, and fantasy, fiction novels. And this is all that and more. The characters are relatable. And yet they are all extraordinary. Be prepared to pick a side. Do yourself a favor, and read this novel!

  2. K.S. Fish is a creative genius. He leaves no character unexplored. His ability to capture the readers attention is unique. He is not afraid to expose the less pleasant side of humanity. With equal parts mystery, and action, “Conception” is a gritty and thrilling tale. And I, for one, can not wait to read the rest of this series.

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