Literature Universally, my business branch, is proud to announce our representation of author K.S. Fish.
Bringing an exciting new adventure into the science fiction genre with The Dominion Chronicles, and entertaining children’s picture books with The Adventures of Emily Funderbunk series.
Today I am proud to share, my opinionated opinion about book one of the Dominion Chronicles: Conception.
When does science overstep the boundaries, is it when we mess with the genetic code? Frazier develops an experiment, once sanctioned, but scheduled for cancellation due to horrible results. Taking destiny into his own hands, he decides to play God. Running away with the ability to change humanity forever.
Twelve years pass and Frazier’s deed has proven itself successful, the children have survived birth and await their selection and conditioning. For they are the next generation, no longer humans, but future gods.

Fish has developed a truly intriguing concept with the professor who not only desires to play God, but to also create gods. The character is above and beyond being a typical mad scientist, he is a ruthless soldier in a war of his own making, willing to destroy anyone who gets in his way, even his own creations. Frazier is not even
the tip of the character iceberg, however; he is the base. Rising above our the gods to be; a group of children who have had their lives manipulated since they were unnaturally conceived. At the age of twelve the children are gathered together to undergo the diabolical tests that Frazier concocts to test their strengths and limits. Physically challenged, mentally conditioned and pitted against the world around them they grow together as a twisted family, until the time comes to face their destiny.
The plot developed here is outstanding, the characters all have something that draws you to them or pushes you away from them, a dynamic of character development on the author’s part. Adventure, mystery, dangerous thriller, science fiction, and a little mythology are woven into this tapestry of complexity that only draws you in so deeply that when you reach the last page…you are screaming for more! Potentially also cursing the author ::wink, wink:: because of their decisions.
Fish has started an epic saga here, one with great potential.